Winery Špalek

Winery Špalek is a small family and organic winery which has 10 ha of vineyards situated on Kraví hora close to the city Znojmo. They were the first winery in the region to establish the use of gravity flow winemaking in their new but historically conceived cellar in Nový Šaldorf.
Many special wines are produced here, besides common white, rosé and red wines. For example there are ice wines, wines on the lees from oak barrels (Sur lie), dessert wines (Šaler) and wine produced in the most natural way possible from grapes crushed by feet and fermented by wild yeasts (Edelspitz).

Our team

František Špalek

Little big boss

Petr Ilgner

Cellar master

Marek Špalek

Businessman and marketing

Marta Špalková

Family fireplace

Petr Ilgner jr.

New generation

Ilona Tomanová

Logistics and expeditions

Jan Mössmer

Vineyard and cellar

Martin Mössmer

Vineyard and cellar

Marie Valentová

Vineyard and cellar